My goal is to help young people prepare and improve their skills for their auditions and performances. Success is relative—It’s not based on how many jobs you get, or how many people tell you how good you are. It’s based how you conduct yourself in an audition, how you connect and how you prepare. My top priority is for my clients is to feel a sense of accomplishment and to be prepared for whatever task is at hand, whether it be for a commercial or film audition, a high school musical audition or a college audition.

I help my students master their audition material—whether it’s sides, a song or a monologue—so that they can walk into their auditions feeling fresh, prepared and confident. My sessions are relaxed, yet serious, as I help each student to achieve their individual goal. I pride myself on creating emotional and intellectual connections with my students, and I coach each of my clients as individuals. I’m not creating carbon copies. I want to bring out the best “you” that you can be. 

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  • Professional Videography
  • Post Production
  • Monologue and scene work
  • Selecting monologue and song repertoire
  • Acting the song/song interpretation
  • Confidence building
  • Goal setting
  • Headshot and resume help
  • Agent advice and guidance
  • Last minute audition help